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The Healing Plants Bible


We yearn for natural, sustainable ways to help feed, heal, and nurture the body and soul. Luckily, nature supplies us with an abundance of vegetation that possesses the qualities we need to succeed in our quest for holistic healing.

This latest entry in the successful Bible series introduces readers to the core plants used in organic medicine across the centuries and around the world, including Western herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, and India's Ayurveda. Plant profiles include important information on each varietal's history, medicinal components, and therapeutic properties, along with any necessary warnings. You'll discover the latest findings in phytonutrients; which trees hold healing energies; and plants that are used for spiritual healing. Plus, a bonus chapter covers the treatment of common ailments, from depression to insomnia, using flower essences. This fully-illustrated, comprehensive guide will become your go-to reference to nature's remedies.

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